How do I receive my signals:
Depending on your chosen subscription package, signals will sent by email, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter SMS and Skype from 8AM GMT.

Do you offer a live trading room?
No but we do have a live Skype chat group where you can join if you subscribe to the Platinum Plus membership package and chat live to us and other group members during London & US trading hours.

And what type of signals do you send?
All signals will have an entry point, stop loss and take profit. Our normal profit level is 80-300 pips with stop losses of 30 – 80 pips. Further emails will be sent during the day to advise on the open trades and when to close and take profit if necessary

How do I know your signals work and your track record is true?
We post the results (profit and loss) of all trades every week on our facebook page and our website. We also occasionally post genuine MT4 photos and MT4 performance charts from our client accounts to show real trades and real results.

I’m new to trading and worried I will lose a lot of money?
When you join we will advise you on money management and how to trade based on your account size. We have never had a losing month and make excellent pips every week so if you follow our advice then your account will grow.

What training do you offer?
We do not offer training to people but we are happy to offer help and advice by Facebook, email and Skype. We also recommend Mike Gould at www.forexwinnersacademy.com who has over 6 years training experience.

Are your prices expensive?
No. Some other signal providers charge up to ‚ā¨199 a month for 5 signals a week and don’t even show their weekly results. Most other providers charge on average $130 a month but do not generate the same profit or offer a live skype group and SMS.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.