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Thank you for your subscription to 4x Pips trading signals.

How the service works:


You will receive on average 2-3 signals a day in up to 20 FOREX pairs, OIL, GOLD & SILVER. Signals are sent from 8AM to approx 3PM London time. The majority of signals are market orders so should be placed when you receive the signal. Below is an example of a signal similar to what you will receive

SELL EURUSD 1.324/5 STOP 1.3300 PROFIT 1.3100

The entry will always have a wider entry, so above says you can enter from 1.3235 to 1.3254 area. This allows time for the signal to be sent out, collected and then executed by the trader. The problem with signals saying SELL EURUSD 1.3245 would be if the price moved down 5pips and was at 1.3240 the client would not know to enter then or wait until it went back to entry, so our approach avoids this problem.

We do send some pending order and they will look like


In this case you would just enter it as an order and wait until it activates. If you are unsure, enter it as BUY LIMIT/BUY STOP/SELL LIMIT/SELL STOP in MetaTrader4, and then try them. MetaTrader4 will warn you that the SL or TP is invalid if you have selected the incorrect one, if this is the case just select the other option.

We send regular updates on open trades and updates on current market conditions. Remember, you can close your trade anytime, we will advise what to do but it’s your account and your risk so feel free to make changes. Please be aware that outside of 8AM – 3PM London time we are not normally onine so please mange your trades then too.

Facebook –!/

You can join our private members Facebook page by connecting with out chief trader using the web link above. All signals and advice are posted here and it also provides a great opportunity for you to network with other traders in our community. We will approve your connection request once we have verified that you have an active subscribtion.

Twitter & Twitter SMS –

Our private Twitter feed provides a great way to receive the signals in real time. Twitter is very easy to use. We recommend you set up your smartphone to alert you when we Tweet. You need to request to follow us using the link above and once we have verified your subscibtion we will approve the request.

Twitter SMS can be up to SMS you our Tweets in real time. We recommend people use twitter as its guaranteed and give immediate updates/signals as email as you know can be delayed. Instructions on setting up the Twitter feed can be found here:

If Twitter or Twitter SMS is not available in your country then please contact us and we can arrange  to have our signals sent to you via SMS. This has an additional cost for us (we will not charge you extra) so we prefer if people use the free Twitter SMS but if it is not available then please contact us and we will activate this service for you.


We will send signals and updates by email, you can update your email address from within the members panel on the website if you need to change it at any time.

Skype group – Username: forex-4xpips

The Skype group provides you with the opportunity to chat to us and interact with other traders. Again YOU NEED TO REQUEST TO ADD US, OUR USERNAME is written above. When you add us we will add you to the skype groups.

Feel free to offer your ideas and thoughts but please follow the rules below. Our chief trader MARTIN is online to help and support you if you have any questions. We cannot guarantee to be online all day everyday but we try to keep to these general hours: Monday to Friday 8AM GMT to 4PM GMT. If we are not online then you can contact us via email or Facebook. Sometimes the Skype group can get quite busy with traders chatting and we may log off so we can concentrate on new signals or new set-ups so if you really need us and we’re not in the Skype group then send a quick email or Facebook message.


The group called 4X PIPS is for all traders to chat and share their ideas and ask questions. The group called 4X PIPS SIGNALS ONLY is for the 4X Pips Admin to post signals ONLY. As the chat can be fast moving at times in the Skype group people complained they missed us posting the signals so we will post the signals in both groups now but they will remain on show for much longer in the 4X PIPS SIGNALS ONLY group as there will be no flow of chat to move them on.


1. Please respect everybody in the group and their trading. If people lose they lose, it happens, don’t disrespect people’s trading ideas but feel free to offer suggestions.

2. Don’t abuse or disrespect anybody because of their race, age, nationality or trading experience. We all want each other to profit and that’s why we are here.

3. Don’t be negative towards anyone else in the group. If you have problem with any person in the group, with us or with our signals then speak to us 1-1, don’t bring unnecessary negativity into the group.

4. Feel free to post your own ideas, suggestion and trades. Please offer them as suggestions such as “I bought GBPUSD now as I think it will rise, or I think GU will rise now, good idea to buy….DO NOT say “buy GBPUSD now” or tell people what to do, let people decide for themselves. Our signals are only advice too, we are not telling anybody what to do.

5. Do not promote any other services, we are happy for people to discuss them but do not post ads or such material. If you have something you think would help people like indicators then feel free to post them. If you are looking to sell something or know something good for sale that would help people then inform us and we will decide if its suitable to be posted.

Please remember that even though we are not online 24/7 we do look over all old posts and comments and will remove people who break the above rules.

As I said above we are all here to help each other and make some profits.

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