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Baby Pips

Baby Pips are all about helping forex traders help themselves. They have the School of Pipsology, a global community of forex traders on their forums, handy forex tools like the Economic Calendar and forexpedia, and finally, trading blogs that are constantly updated with market analysis!

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Alpari UK training videos

1. Introduction to Forex

This series of video tutorials will introduce the basics of the forex market and currency trading. Learn how exchange rates work, how they are charted and why currencies are traded in pairs. This series will give you some of the basic analytical tools that forex traders use every day to make decisions including technical and chart analysis, technical indicators and the characteristics of the major currency pairs and crosses.

2. Mastering Forex

Learn more advanced technical and fundamental concepts in this series of video tutorials. This series will introduce some of the most useful chart patterns to identify trading opportunities and to forecast market risk. Learn how fundamental analysis can help you identify the trend and make more effective trading decisions. Finally, learn about the successful trader’s most important tool – money management. Learn how much to invest in an individual trade and how to manage all the money in your forex account.

3. Managing your Forex portfolio

Take your forex education to the next level with this series of video tutorials. Learn how to forecast and use the news in the forex market and what effect individual economic announcements will have on forex pairs. You will find out why your dealer pays interest on certain forex positions and not on others and how to use this to your advantage as a trader. Finally, we will go beyond the basics of technical analysis and begin using Fibonacci analysis to forecast trends, place stop losses and identify entry opportunities.

4. MetaTrader 4 and Trading Tools Video Tutorials

These tutorials will teach you how to use the MetaTrader 4 and other tools in your daily trading and analysis. Learn how to apply expert advisors and custom indicators for advanced or hands-off trading. See how the MetaTrader 4 reports and account management tools work and find out how to customize the MetaTrader 4 application for your own personal trading style and needs.